National SAR Celebrating 125 Years
1890 – 2015

Utah SAR Celebrating 120 Years
1895 – 2015

 Make 2015 your year to join the SAR!


  Welcome to the Official website of the Utah Society Sons of the American Revolution (Utah SAR). 

The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) are direct descendants of those patriots that achieved the independence of the American people. 

The objectives of our organization are intended to perpetuate a more profound reverence, understanding and appreciation for our founding heritage, the principles of liberty and self-government as established by our revered Founding Fathers.

We invite you to explore our website, to learn more about us, who we are, what we do, and how to become a member.


Special Reminder

In 2015 the Utah SAR celebrates its 120th anniversary
it is also the 240th anniversary of the “shot heard ’round the world.”
The beginning of America’s Revolutionary War.

Watch for more information regarding these special events!

See the new Resource “Thanksgiving, Fasting and Prayer Proclamations of the Founders” in the Education Section.